Episode 242 / When Worlds Collide


Once again it’s our return to those wild and crazy 70s, with much more reminiscing for those of us of “a certain age”! Sure, millennials and Gen-X’ers will be fond of 90s tunes, and slightly older listeners will be stuck in the dad-blamed 80s — but those of us who were 20-somethings during the 1970s will remember playing these songs on the 8-track in our shaggin’ wagon (if this van’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’). You Drive Me Nervous!

1 Alice Cooper – You Drive Me Nervous

2 Ducks Deluxe – Nervous Breakdown

3 Bram Tchaikovsky – I’m A Believer

4 Rory Gallagher – Shadow Play

5 Rory Gallagher – Shin Kicker LIVE

6 Thin Lizzy – Emerald

7 Billy Workman – Boogie Home

8 Mott the Hoople – Honaloochie Boogie

8 Bloodrock – You Gotta Roll

9 Robin Trower – Same Rain Falls

10 Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself To Live

11 Oleo – Cactus

12 Led Zeppelin – Black Dog LIVE

13 Crow – Watch That Cat

14 Les Dudek – City Magic

15 Allman Brothers – Blue Sky

16 38 Special – Hold On Loosely

17 Atlanta Rhythm Section – Spooky

18 James Gang – Do It

19 Deep Purple – Love Child

20 Billy Cobham – Taurian Matador

21 Nazareth – Changing Times

22 Atlanta Rhythm Section – Boogie Schmoogie

24 Pat Travers – Hooked On Music

25 Spirit – Dark Eyed Woman

26 Sweet – No You Don’t

27 Alice Cooper – Long Way To Go

28 Stan Freberg Outro


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