Episode190 / The Return of 8 Track Flashbacks


An encore presentation, as Ed McMahon used to say on the Tonight Show. We’re taking a brief break, so for this week we bring you a repeat episode from about 3 or 4 years ago, now upgraded and edited for sound reasons. However, as some of you may not have heard this show the first time around, here it is for your enjoyment in new and improved sonic splendor!

We return to the 70s for more fractured tunes I used to listen to on my trusty eight-track tape player, and tonight we’ve got some great old rockers for you in the “My Misguided Youth” series. A line in Hard Stuff’s “Monster In Paradise” comes to mind: “The squirrel-faced lady on the high tight wire, look out baby it’s the devil’s fire”. Jeez, they just don’t write songs like that any more, do they? Also included near the end of the show is Wizzard’s weird, wild & wonderful tribute to Led Zeppelin, “You Got the Jump on Me”. And yes, this must be a rockin’ show because there are TWO, count ‘em, TWO versions of Johnny B. Goode here. Pedal to the metal!

1.  Madura — Johnny B. Goode

2.  Moby Grape — Murder In My Heart For the Judge

3.  Cold Blood — I Just Want To Make Love To You

4.  K-TEL COMMERCIAL (Flashback Fever)

5.  Hard Stuff — Monster In Paradise

6.  Atomic Rooster — Vug

7.  Bloodrock — Fancy Space Odyssey

8.  Colosseum — The Kettle

9.  John Entwistle — My Size

10. Livin Blues — Hitch Hikin’

11. The Deviants — Black George Does It With His Mouth

12. Tin House — Be Good and Be Kind

13. May Blitz — Squeet

14. Stray — Some Say

15. Alice Cooper — Still No Air

16. Arthur Lee — Busted Feet

17. Steppenwolf — Who Needs Ya

18. Jimi Hendrix Experience — Johnny B. Goode

19. Point Blank — On A Roll

20. Atlanta Rhythm Section — Mixed Emotions

21. Les Dudek — Zorro Rides Again

22. Redbone — Maggie


24. Robin Trower — Messin the Blues

25. Bandit — One Way Love

26. Juicy Lucy — Midnight Sun

27. Wizzard — You Got the Jump On Me

28. Walter Wanderley – Summer Samba

29. The Who – Long Live Rock

30. Stan Freberg Outro


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