Episode 186 / Rock and Roll Forever


In this week’s chapter of The Captain Maniac Show, we present a collection of tunes all with one common attribute: each song has the phrase “rock and roll” in the title! It’s only fair to warn you that “Rock and Roll All Night” by Kiss is conspicuously absent, mainly because we already aired it in Episode 59 (the version from “Kiss Klassics” featuring Kiss with the current band). Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll” is not included either, although we do bring you the interpretation by Joe Piscopo (as Frank Sinatra). Rock and Roll Forever!

1.   The Beat – Rock and Roll Girl

2.   John Fogerty – Rock and Roll Girls

3.   Eddie Money – Wanna Be A Rock ‘n Roll Star

4.   Pat Travers – Rock ‘N’ Roll Susie

5.   Dave Edmunds – Sweet Little Rock And Roller

6.   Ten Years After – Baby Let Me Rock n Roll You

7.   Ten Years After – Rock & Roll Music To The World

8.   Bachman Turner – Rock and Roll is the Only Way Out

9.   Airbourne – Stand Up for Rock ‘n’ Roll

10. AC/DC – That’s the Way I Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll

11. Ozzy Osbourne – Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel

12. Edgar Winter – Keep Playin’ That Rock n Roll

13. Detroit – Rock ‘N Roll

14. Johnny Winter – Rock & Roll

15. The Beatles –  Rock And Roll Music

16. The Byrds – So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

17. Hydra – Little Miss Rock ‘N’ Roll

18. Crow – (Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The) King Of Rock And Roll

19. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

20. Twisted Sister – You Can’ t Stop Rock N Roll

21. Joe Piscopo (as Sinatra)  – I Love Rock ‘N Roll

22. Peter Paul & Mary – I Dig Rock Roll Music

23. Kiss – God Gave Rock N Roll To You

24. Kiss – Let Me Go, Rock And Roll

25. Rainbow – If You Don’t Like Rock & Roll

26. The Turtles – The Story Of Rock & Roll

27. The Coasters – That Is Rock & Roll

28. Chuck Willis – Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes

29. Roy Kelly – Rock And Roll Rock

30. Muddy Waters – The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock and Roll

31. AC/DC – Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

32. Status Quo – Rock n Roll n You

33. Electric Light Orchestra – Rock n Roll is King

34. The Ramones – Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio

35. Stan Freberg Outro


Episode 185 / High Voltage


It’s showtime… Take our magic carpet ride time machine back to the wild and wooly 70s with some raucous, rough & tuff High Voltage Rock and Roll! We ride the sky once again to those days of my misguided youth when these lusty untamed anthems would do irreparable damage to my car stereo speakers. Dedicated to the departed spirit of Malcom Young (now reunited with Bon Scott), we start off the show with the version of High Voltage from AC/DC’s first officially-released live album: If You Want Blood, You Got It!

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1.   AC/DC – High Voltage

2.   Van Halen – Feel Your Love Tonight

3.   Jukin’ Bone – Sayin It Is Easy

4.   Jeff Beck – Jailhouse Rock

5.   Grand Funk Railroad – People, Let’s Stop the War

6.   Nazareth – Changin’ Times

7.   Sammy Hagar – Red

8.   Aerosmith – Toys In The Attic

9.   The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Faith Healer

10. Moon Martin – Rolene

11. Grin – 18 Faced Lover

12. Alice Cooper – Gutter Cat

13. Ronnie Montrose – Open Fire

14. Bloodrock – Timepiece

15. Bloodrock- Castle Of Thoughts

16. Toe Fat – That’s My Love For You

17. Bedlam – Set Me Free

18. Axis – Cats in the Alley

19. Eric Quincy Tate – Brown Sugar

20. ZZ Top –  It’s Only Love

21. Electric Light Orchestra –  Ma Ma Ma Belle

22. Mott The Hoople – Violence

23. Tucky Buzzard – Fill You In

24. Lucifers Friend – Ride The Sky

25. Sir Lord Baltimore – Woman Tamer

26. Goddo – Too Much Carousing

27. Thundermug – Hard Luck

28. Budgie – I Can’t See My Feelings

29. Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 184 / Rocketship Rock


Rockin’ and boppin’ in outer space! This week our show’s focus is definitely rockabilly, but for this episode we bring you some rocket rock & roll as hep cats blast off into space with some shakin’ beyond the stars. Not only does every song have an outer space theme, but every song also is from an era when rockabilly wildmen were in orbit! Borrowing from the ancient Sun Ra album of the same name, we call this episode “Rocketship Rock”.

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1.   Timmie Rogers – Take Me to Your Leader

2.   Stan Beaver – I Got A Rocket In My Pocket

3.   John Wesley Caves – Rocket To The Moon

4.   Jackie Gotroe – Rock It To The Moon

5.   Lee George – The Little Moon Men

6.   Hugh Lewis – Rockin Moon Men

7.   Buck Trail – Knocked Out Joint On Mars

8.   Jack Fautheree – First Man On Mars

9.   D.Robinson – Bopping Martian

10. Wild Tones – Martian Band

11. Warren Scott & The Memphis Playboys – Rocket Ship Mama

12. Space Cadets – Rocket Ship

13. BatMobile – Amazons From Outer Space

14. The Racketeers – Spaceship To Mars

15. The Fabulous Imperials – Moon Beat

16. Sonny Sheather – Orbit With Me

17. Joe Norris – Rock Out Of This World

18. Dell Vaughn – Rock The Universe

19. Joe Montgomery – Planetary Run

20. The Tyrones – Blast Off

21. Eddie Cletro – Flying Saucer Boogie

22. Jackie Lowell and the Astronauts – Rocket Trip

23. Neil Alan – Light My Rockets

24. Tommy Danton – Rocket To The Moon

25. Julian – Get On The Moon Baby

26. Ray Sawyer & Group – Rockin Satellite

27. Joe Tate – Satellite Rock

28. Jesse Belvin & Space Riders – My Satellite

29. The Three Honeydrops – Rockin Satellite

30. The Rebelaires – Satellite Rock

31. Chuck Dallis – Moon Twist

32. Wesley Reynolds – Trip To The Moon

33. Billy Hogan – Shake It Over Sputnik

34. Gayle Griffith With The Masters – Rocket Rock and Roll

35. The Velvetones – Space Men

36. Sonny Day – Creature from Outer Space

37. George & The Hustlers – Golden Rocket

38. The Space Cadets – Flying Thru Outer Space

39. The Sharks – Rockabilly Moonquake

40. Billy Lee Riley – Rockin On The Moon

41. Terry Dunavan – Rock It On Mars

42. Butch Paulson – Man From Mars

43. Eddie Reynolds – What Was It

44. Alden Holloway – Blast Off

45. Lonnie Miley – Satellite Fever Asiatic Flu

46. Johnny Bond – X-15

47. Blackie Jenkins – Spaceship Life

48. Rockin Ryan & The Real Goners – Rock On The Moon

49. Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 183 / The Big Money


The Buck stops here! Break open your piggy banks because this week’s episode of The Captain Maniac Show is most definitely cash and carry. That’s right, gang, every song here has some connection with currency, featuring not one but three versions of the old Barrett Strong tune, “Money” (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kingsmen). As Steve Miller told us, Take the Money and Run, because Your Cash Ain’t Nothin But Trash!

Beatles – Money

AC/DC – What Do You Do For Money Honey

AC/DC – Moneytalks (live)

Steve Miller Band – Your Cash Ain’t Nothin But Trash

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Gimme Your Money Please

Rush – The Big Money

Foghat – Easy Money

The Who – Man With The Money

Fleetwood Mac – Shake Your Moneymaker

Elvis Presley – Money Honey

Bay City Rollers – Money Honey

Peter Frampton- I’ll Give You Money

Hydra – Land Of Money

ZZ Top – Just Got Paid

Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies

James Brown – I’ve Got Money

Sammy Hagar – Love or Money

Spinal Tap – Gimme Some Money

Steve Miller Band –  Take The Money And Run

Dire Straits –  Money For Nothing

UFO – Money Money

Kingston Trio – Greenback Dollar

Willie Nelson – If You’ve Got the Money I’ve Got the Time

Johnny Guitar Watson –  You Can’t Take It With You

ZZ Top – I Gotsta Get Paid

Louis Prima – Pennies from Heaven

Mel Blanc – Money

Rolling Stones – Money

Kingsmen – Money

Pink Floyd – Money

Robin Trower – Into Money

Harpdog Brown – No Money In The Till

Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love

Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money

Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 182 / Rockers Vol. 2


Some more chaotic commotion & insanity mixed in with a liberal dose of vinyl anarchy! The emphasis here is on classic rockers guaranteed to shake your foundations, but we’ve also chosen some louder than hell selections from the 21st Century (gimme a “hell yeah” for Airbourne), including a couple of newer tracks courtesy of veterans of the psychic wars like Accept and Def Leppard. And… by popular request, the complete and uncut version of Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” closes the show in grand style. It doesn’t get any better than this — until next week’s Captain Maniac Show, that is!

ZZ Top – Move Me On Down The Line

Tom Petty – You Wreck Me

Los Lobos – Shakin Shakin Shakes

UFO – Only You Can Rock Me

Al Harlow – My Mind Is Running Away With You

Def Leppard – Dangerous

Riot – Outlaw

Jimmy C – Whole Lotta Fun

Coke Spot with Bon Scott & the Valentines

AC/DC – Beating Around The Bush

Airbourne – It’s All For Rock N Roll

Accept -Teutonic Terror

Aynsley Lister – Falling Down

Extreme – Warheads

Joan Jett – (I’m Gonna) Run Away

Judas Priest – You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise

Krokus – Stayed Awake All Night

Mentulls – Time To Focus

Kings of the Sun – Crazy

Queen – Sheer Heart Attack

Vandenberg – Wait

Trooper – I’m In Trouble Again

Status Quo – Creepin’ Up On You

Rhino Bucket – The Devil Sent You

Pat Travers – The Riff

Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon

Pantera – Mouth For War

Nickleback – Bottoms Up

MSG – Armed And Ready

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks

Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 181 / Louder and Prouder


A while ago, we did a show called “Loud and Proud”, so for your approval, we submit a supplementary volume called “Louder and Prouder”, another chapter from our treasure trove of 70s mayhem! The first song in tonight’s episode is from the old album “Geef Voor New Wave”, and although Tom Petty couldn’t be further removed from New Wave, unfortunately that was the category that the record companies considered him to be. (Tom’s contribution on that album was Anything That’s Rock n Roll.) As Status Quo reminded us, “I Don’t Think It Matters”!

Tom Petty – Anything That’s Rock n Roll

Grand Funk – High Falootin’ Woman

Starz – Detroit Girls

Aerosmith – Lick And A Promise

Black Sabbath – A National Acrobat

Bang – Questions

Bad Company – Live for the Music

Bob Seger System – Teachin Blues

Dust – Stone Woman

Edgar Broughton Band – Death Of An Electric Citizen

Fludd – Get Up Get Out Move On

Goddo – So Walk On

Nitzinger – Boogie Queen

ZZ Top -– Balinese

Robin Trower – The Fool and Me

UFO – Rock Bottom

Blue Oyster Cult – Subhuman

Blue Oyster Cult – 7 Screaming Diz-Busters

Foghat – Chateau Lafitte 59 Boogie   

Captain Beefheart – Clear Spot

Wishbone Ash – Mother Of Pearl

Deep  Purple – Gettin’ TIghter

Alice Cooper – Desperado

Status Quo – Don’t Think It Matters

Frank Zappa – Zomby Woof

Van Halen – DOA

Les Dudek – Central Park

Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 180 / Rockabilly Madness


In keeping with our policy of not playing music relating to the current Halloween festivities, we instead present an evening of Rockabilly Madness, with lots more atomic boppin’ and jivin’ for all of you rockers to flip out to. Let’s get nervous & shakin’ all over! The closest we’re gonna get to a Halloween-themed tune in this episode is the first one, “Evil Hearted Ada” by the ever-lovin’ Flamin’ Groovies from San Francisco, so don’t go expecting to hear any o’ that danged Halloween music, because it won’t BE there! The majority of tracks tonight will be from the Fabulous Fifties (heavy on the Brylcreem and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer), although we do close the show with a Roy Orbison song revamped by Los Straitjackets & The Reverend Horton Heat! Crazy Baby!

Flamin Groovies – Evil Hearted Ada

Johnny Horton – The Woman I Need

George Jones – Billy B Bad

Elvis Presley – Long Legged Girl (alternate master)

Johnny Burnette Trio – Eager Beaver Baby

Kearney Williams – Travelin Man

The Kingbees – Sweet Sweet Girl To Me

Eddie Bond – One Way Ticket

Vernon Stewart – Mean, Mean Baby

Southern Culture On The Skids – Venus

Cub Koda – Who Do You Love

Danny Mayo – Pretty Baby Rock

Johnny Powers – Rock Rock

Kenny Parchman – I Feel Like Rockin’

Gene Summers – Fancy Dan

Lee Cole – Cool Baby

Ray Melton – Boppin’ Guitar

Hal Harris – I Don’t Know When

The Champs – Everybody’s Rockin’

John Kerby – Get Hot Or Go Home

Johnny Redd – Take A Ride With Me

Onie Wheeler – That’s All

Joe Clay – Doggone It

Joe Clay – Be Bop Boogie Bop

Joe Clay – Cracker Jack

Tommy Strange – Nervous And Shakin All Over

Dwight Pullen – Lets All Go Wild Tonight

Dwight Pullen – Didn’t It Rock

Chuck Atha – Ooh – Eee

Hardrock Gunther & The Rhythm Rockers – Whoo! I Mean Whee!

Bubba Littrell – Ain’t That Cool

Bobby Gray – There’s Gonna Be A Party

The Rockatunes – Honey Baby Sugar

The Rockin R’s – Crazy Baby

Roy Kelly – Rock And Roll Rock

Billy Brown – Flip Out

Tommy Spurlin – Hang Loose (I’ve Gotta Rock)

Mel Robbins – Save It

Johnny Scat Brown – Indeed I Do

Charlie Feathers – Everybody’s Lovin My Baby

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps – You Better Believe

Joe Penny – Bip A Little Bop A Lot

Skeets Mcdonald – Heart Breaking Mama

Doug Powell – Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes

Carl Perkins – Jenny Jenny

Johnny Horton – I’m Coming Home

Hal Willis – Bop-A-Dee Bop-A-Doo

Vernon Taylor – Dinah Lee

Jackie Lee Cochran – I Want You

Bobby Poe – Rock And Roll Record Girl

Los Straitjackets & The Reverend Horton Heat – Down the Line

Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 179 / Mind Garage 3


Welcome to an evening of dusty garage-rock vinyl rarities, in which all of the music has one thing in common: each song was recorded by Canadian bands! In the 60s, Canada had a flourishing and thriving garage-rock scene which seriously rivalled that of the USA and the UK, so in this episode we present: All-Canadian Mind Garage 3, a collection of pre-psychedelic Canadian Content. Tonight you’re in for a treat, Canuck-style, with teen angst and fuzz tones set on stun — all from a Canadian perspective! Featured contributors include the Ugly Ducklings, The Seeds of Time, The Northwest Company, Sparkling Apple, David Clayton Thomas & The Bossmen, Luke & the Apostles, and even Chad Allan & the Expressions. Shake Yourself Down!

1.  The Ugly Ducklings – Nothin’

2.  Luke & The Apostles – Been Burnt

3.  The Chessmen – Love Didn’t Die

4.  The Nocturnals – Because You’re Gone

5.  Thee Deuces – Hung Up On You

6.  The Munks – Long Time Waiting

7.  The Checkerlads – Shake Yourself Down

8.  Chad Allan & the Expressions – Shakin All Over

9.  The Northwest Company – Hard to Cry

10.The King Beezz – I Gotta Move

11.The King Bees – Little Girl

12.The White Knights – Run Run Baby

13.A Passing Fancy – I’m Losing Tonight

14.The Underworld – Go Away

15.The Secrets – Cryin’ Over Her

16.Satan & The D Men – She’ll Lie

17.(Those) Rogues – Girl

18.Quid – Crazy Things

19.The Liverpool Set – Seventeen Tears To The End

20.David Clayton Thomas & The Bossmen – Brain Washed

21.Chad Allan & The Expressions – Hey Ho

22.Terry Black – Unless You Care

23.The Staccatos – Half Past Midnight

24.The Skaliwags – Turn Him Down

25.The Collectors – Make it Easy

26.The Seeds of Time – Crying The Blues

27.The  Rockatones – For My Own

28.The Haunted – 1 2 5

29.The Free-For-All – Show Me The Way

30.Great Scots – Ball And Chain

31.The Jury – Who Dat

32.The Ragged Edges – Why Don’t You

33.The Checkerlads – Baby Send For Me

34.Guess Who – Clock On The Wall

35.Thee Deuces – You Gotta Try

36.The Canadian Squires – Leave Me Alone

37.Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks –  Who Do You Love

38.Jack London & The Sparrows – If You Don’t Want My Love

39.Northwest Company – Get Away From It All

40.Eyes Of Dawn – Time To Be Going

41.The Heart – Treat Me Bad

42.The Plague – Face Of Time

43.MG And The Escorts – A Someday Fool

44.The Main Line – Don’t Wait Around

45.The Midnight Angels – I’m Sufferin’

46.Sparkling Apple – Good Time Girl

47.The Chessmen – Meadowlands

Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 178 / Live On Stage Redux


It’s ”Live On Stage Redux”! For this week’s show, we’ve chosen to go back three years in the voluminous Captain Maniac Show archives and hereby present an upgraded version of Episode 13, “Live On Stage”. It’s been brought to our attention that the original show has been forgotten by time and appears to be our LEAST listened to program, now languishing in caves of methane ice, a thousand miles below our fortified palace. After careful consideration, we’ve updated the set list and sound quality (now recorded louder to be played louder) to bring you an enhanced & improved evening of live, loud & sweaty tunes recorded under combat conditions. Kick out the jams! 

1.   Status Quo – Junior’s Wailing

2.   The Doors – Who Do You Love

3.   Stray Dog – Chevrolet

4.   Kiss – Deuce

5.   Wishbone Ash – The King Will Come

6.   ZZ Top – Pin Cushion

7.   James Brown – Lickin Stick Lickin Stick

8.   Judas Priest – The Ripper

9.   John Mayer – Wait Until Tomorrow

10. Sparkling Apple – Johnny B. Goode

11. Sparkling Apple – Get Off the Stove –

12. Dixie Dregs – Take it Off the Top

13. Dixie Dregs – Peaches En Regalia –

14. The Beatles – Roll Over Beethoven

15. Outlaws – Freeborn Man

16. Gov’t Mule – Temporary Saint

17. Blue Oyster Cult – Kick Out The Jams

18. Rory Gallagher – Messin With the Kid

19. Rory Gallagher – Fly Off the Handle

20. Robin Trower – Lady Love

21. Robin Trower – Rock Me Baby –

22. Albert Cummings – Party Right Here

23. Frank Zappa – Echidna’s Arf (Of You)

24. Black Country Communion – Song Of Yesterday

Stan Freberg Outro

Episode 177 / Play It Cool


Just in time for John Lennon’s 77th birthday: Have a real cool time on our hip and groovy show unashamedly devoted to cool, where not only every song has the word “cool” cleverly included in the title, but is most definitely coolness personified! After “Long Cool Woman” by the Hollies, we venture into Lounge Hell! In the words of Oscar Brown Jr., “But I Was Cool”.

Sammy Davis Jr – The Ballad Of Johnny Cool

Billy Fury – Play It Cool

The Treniers – The Treniers – Cool It Baby

Wanda Jackaon – Cool Love

Charlie Gracie – Cool baby

Oscar Brown Jr – But I Was Cool

Eddie Fontaine – Cool It Baby

Paul Hampton – Play It Cool

Edgar Winter’s White Trash – Cool Fool

Cadillacs – Cool It Fool

Rudy Ferguson – Cool Goofin

The Farmer Boys – Cool Down Mame

Geezinslaw Brothers – Cool It In Outer Space

The Stooges – Real Cool Time

The Diamonds – Daddy Cool

Robert Plant  – Tall Cool One

The Ventures – Tall Cool One

Styx – Everything Is Cool

Jimmy Johnson – Cool Cool School

Mello Kings – She’s Real Cool

The Beatles – Three Cool Cats

Tibby Edwards – Play It Cool

Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers – Be Cool

Bette Midler – In The Cool Cool Cool of the Evening

Ray Campi – Play It Cool

Billy ”Curley” Barrix – Cool Off Baby

The Rolling Stones – Cool Calm and Collected

Jimmy Thackery – Don’t Lose Your Cool

The Kingsmen – That’s Cool That’s Trash

Tommy Law – Cool Juice

Jo Kamel Band – The Long Cool Night

The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

Sammy Davis Jr – Eee-O Eleven

Bobby Darin – I Got Rhythm

Louis Prima – That Old Black Magic

Frank Sinatra – Bim Bam Baby

Dave Grusin – Cool

Count Basie – One Mint Julep

Leroy Holmes – Search For Vulcan

Joey DeFrancesco – The Pink Panther Theme

Stan Freberg Outro